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We’re Naturally Different

“The company with the mold detection dog”

At Dog Gone Mold we never use harsh biocides. We only use non-toxic, all natural, organic, cleaning products. No harsh man made chemicals! We use a formula that is a natural anti-microbial so you don’t have to worry about breathing any additional toxins. Our solution will kill the mold in an eco-friendly manner. In fact our solution is made in strict accordance with current Federal safety regulations and with environmentally preferable purchasing guidelines. Our process will get rid of the mold and prevent it from coming back naturally.

Why Choose Us?


  • All Natural
  • “A” Rating With BBB & Angie’s List
  • Full 1 Year Warranty


Our inspections are conducted by a certified mold inspector. The inspector will use all of the most current methods and practices to determine if you have a mold issue. Our inspector will also bring Mason our certified mold detection dog. If there’s a mold issue Mason will sniff it out!
Our certified mold inspector has been trained to take air samples so we can find out if the mold spore count in your home is elevated. All samples are analyzed by our AIH Acertified lab.
Our certified mold inspector has been trained to take swab samples of suspected mold growth to determine what type of mold you have been exposed to. All samples are analyzed by our AIHA certified lab.
We offer mold inspections and mold remediation for all types of commercial buildings. Inspection fee depends on square footage and type of building. Please call for pricing.

Choosing the right company for mold treatment is critically important! You want a company that will give you fair pricing, perform very thorough work and not use harsh biocides or unproven “miracle chemicals”.

We at Dog Gone Mold strictly follow the EPA recommended mold treatment procedure. We seal off the area that we’re working in so that mold spores don’t get spread all over your house. We run “air scrubbers” that will trap airborne mold spores while we’re working. We utilize high efficiency particulate air filtration cleaning systems to remove as much mold as possible. We remove, bag, and properly dispose of all infected materials (sheetrock, carpet, etc.). We treat, wipe down, or scrub every surface that had mold on it or has been in contact with other materials that had mold on them. We then re-treat every surface with our all-natural non-toxic mold cleaner. Then we treat every wood surface with our all-natural non-toxic encapsulate that basically “seals” the wood. If fogging is necessary it will be done with our all-natural non-toxic cleaner. When we’re done you can breathe easy knowing there’s no more dog gone mold!

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