Answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding having your home inspected for mold.
How much does it cost?

The cost of the inspection depends upon the location of your property and the square footage to be inspected as well as other factors.  You get 2 for the price of 1.  Contact us for a customized quote.

What is your method, process for inspections?

We follow the EPA guidelines, you can see it at EPA.gov or the Center for Disease Control.  What they recommend is what we do. First come out with a certified mold inspector and do a visual inspection. We start on the outside looking for any deficiencies that can contribute to mold. Then the inspector starts in the basement, works his way up to the attic. Then we bring the mold detection dog through at the end. We take a neutral approach. If nothing is going on we will let you know that. If there is a small amount you can deal with yourself, we would show you and let you know step by step in the report how to take care of it yourself or the seller. Hopefully not, but if there is significant mold and it is significant enough to require professional help, we will show you while we are there, have pictures and locations in the report and include an estimate and step by step what we recommend to get rid of the mold.

How long will the inspection take?
Most normal sized houses (under 3000 sq ft)  will nomrally take about an hour, give or take 15 minutes depending on what the inspector finds.
Do you take air samples?
We can, but in most cases it is unnecessary. We follow the EPA guidelines and don’t take my word or anyone’s word for it. Go right to EPA.gov or CDC.gov and it says “in most cases sampling is not necessary.” We can take samples if you like but we recommend doing the inspection following the EPA guidelines and we also want to get this done cost effectively for you.
How much does mitigation cost?
It is impossible to know without coming out and reviewing the level of contamination first. The cost is dependent upon the level of contamination. Is the mold confined to one  area, or has it spread into the furnace ductwork, or elsewhere in the home.



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