Dog Gone Mold DFW knows the easiest way to prevent mold growth in your bathroom is………..drum roll……. Turn your fan on when you take a shower!  Yup.  That’s it.  Simple. Mold needs moisture to grow.  When you take a shower, you are pushing major amounts of humidity into the air.  Running the bathroom fan directs the moisture out of the bathroom and dries the moisture faster. Next steps are to squeegee or wipe down the shower, however, this is not as important as running the fan. If you don’t have time for a quick wipe it’s okay as long as air is circulating, and the water evaporates.

Mold loves moisture.  Especially trapped moisture.  If you have a pipe leak, and water  accumulates behind your wall/tile/cabinet/floor, you will most likely get mold growth.   Once the mold growth starts it doesn’t just magically “go away”.    If the moisture wicks into the dry wall, mold will grow there.  (unless you have the SPECIAL mold resistant stuff).  If the moisture goes into the floor, mold will go there. 

Mason, our mold sniffing dog, can smell the mold and signal it is there and needs clean up.  He doesn’t know why, or how, he just smells the mold.  Ever walk into a place and “smell” the dampness?  Mason’s nose is 90% effective in sniffing out mold.  Taking him on a walk is impossible, since he sniffs EVERYTHING!  He is a very effective mold assessment tool. 

Suspect you might have a mold problem?  Contact us to get your mold inspection.