Mold loves most paint.  It feeds off it.  At Dog Gone Mold DFW we call it “Mold Candy” when a homeowner or property manager tries to paint over mold to make it disappear.  You only exacerbate the problem!  Painting over the spots does not make them go away.  In fact, the moisture from the paint can end up providing the catalyst for more mold growth.  Painting over mold does not fix the source of the mold (water leak, flood, HVAC issues etc.) and will only make the problem worse. If mold is painted over, it will continue to grow.

Some of the most expensive mold damage cases we have experienced are because the property owner or previous owner painted over mold instead of cleaning it properly.  The more you do this and the longer you let the mold feed, the greater the damage. 

Painting over mold will only work on a permanent basis if you fix the source of the mold problem first.  That is where Dog Gone Mold comes in.  Our mold assessment technicians and our mold sniffing dog, Mason can help find the mold, even if it has been painted over, and recommend effective solutions for cleanup. 

Don’t paint over the mold stains until you know the mold is GONE!  Contact Dog Gone Mold to get your inspection scheduled.