Just because its cold outside does not mean mold stops growing inside your home.  Mold needs moisture to grow.  Mold likes warmer temperatures and your home in the winter is warm and inviting, a perfect place for mold to grow. 

Although your air conditioner may not be running, your furnace most likely is and it uses the same duct system in which mold can grow.  A leaky sink or hot water heater can still trigger mold growth, all it needs is a temperature above 60 degrees.  Closing your home to the outside air means that bad mold inside cannot escape and dry out. 

You may think because you clean your kitchen and bathroom with bleach that this means there will be no mold.  However, household cleaning products cannot find the hidden mold in the drywall, cabinet bottoms, floorboards, drain pans and air ducts of your home. 

What is the solution?  If mold is suspected or if you are buying a property have a mold inspection done by Dog Gone Mold!  We use professionally trained dogs with powerful noses that have no agenda except to help you. 

If a small bit of mold is found, we will give you environmentally safe cleaning recommendations.  If it is a big problem, we recommend remediation and possibly duct and HVAC system cleaning.  Contact us to set up your mold inspection.