The majority of us are staying home for both work and play nowadays.  As we hang out inside, we typically don’t think about the quality of the air around us. The quality of living in that home space has become very important.  What’s the biggest thing you can do to improve your air quality?

>  Are you sure you can handle this? You are going to owe Dog Gone Mold Dallas a lot for this hint…. It’s a lot of work. (I need a font for sarcasm here).  OPEN A WINDOW!

Now for most people this will work to alleviate a lot of dirty air.  But for some that have had leaks, moisture problems or never had their air ducts cleaned you may need to do more. Here are a few more things you can do:

  1. Get a trusted mold inspection company, such as Dog Gone Mold Dallas, to inspect your home for the possibility of mold growth.
  2. Change your air filters in you HVAC system
  3. On a warm spring day create a cross flow of air with your fans and open windows
  4. Run the exhaust fan in your bathroom when you are using it (especially during showers)
  5. GET YOUR AIR DUCTS CLEANED  (Dog Gone Mold can recommend some professional cleaners)

Mold likes to grow in moist places.  Your home’s HVAC system creates moisture as it distributes comfortable air throughout your home.  Your HVAC system could be a place for mold and other viruses to hide.  Your air ducts are one of the first places our inspectors check.

Contact us for an inspection.  Dog Gone Mold is considered an essential service and during inspections ll use our PPE equipment and practice social distancing.  The health and safety of our customers is our highest priority.