Think since its cold mold won’t grow?  Not so fast!  The cold can actually contribute to mold growing in homes and commercial buildings.  We don’t typically associate cold snaps with mold growth (since we are cold, we assume nothing will grow in this) however, the cold can cause moisture and when that moisture gets even the slightest bit of warmth, mold growth can begin.  It is exacerbated by the warming up and then cooling back down of temperature (temperature toggling).  So when you set your home to cool when you are away and then heat it up when you are home, you are adding to the potential for mold growth.

Tis the season for hot water heaters to feel the pressure and fail, pipes to burst and ice on roof tops to cause water damage inside homes.  Anything that can result in leaks or flooding is a catalyst to mold growth.  If this isn’t cleaned up quickly, it can start significant mold growth.  Sometimes, we may think we’ve cleaned up the water, only to discover weeks later that the water has sneakily penetrated other hidden places. Just because you or your water removal specialist can’t see it doesn’t mean its not there.  That’s why we use all the latest gadgets and the best nose in the mold sniffing business,

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