At Dog Gone Mold, we welcome the competition. When getting multiple bids, make sure you are comparing Apples to Apples. Be sure to ask the tough questions of the company you’re about to entrust with your investment:

Are you a certified mold company? Dog Gone Mold is certified, bonded, licensed and insured.

Do you use chemicals and bleaches? Dog Gone Mold only uses 100% all natural, organic mold remediation products. Safe for pets and kids.

Do you do only one mold treatment or more? Dog Gone Mold does two complete and thorough cleanings — every time.

Do you encapsulate your treatments to reduce the chance the mold will return? Dog Gone Mold does this — every time.

Do you fog the area to remove any stray spores in the air? The last step of the Dog Gone Mold process is to fog the entire house to remove every spore out of the air before we leave — every time.

Do you offer a guarantee for your work? Dog Gone Mold is one of the few mold companies that guarantees its work for a full year.

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