Mold grows and so does Dog Gone Mold DFW. In Texas, to become licensed as a Mold Assessment Technician or a Mold Assessment Consultant and perform Dallas mold inspections, you need to complete certified training as well as pass a certification State test. Dog Gone Mold technicians are continuously improving their education. Even Mason, our mold sniffing dog, gets retrained every year at the same place the FBI gets their drug sniffing dogs.

We take Mason on our DFW mold inspections accompanied by a licensed technician. In Texas, we sent our human inspectors to school at GEBCO, located in Hurst, Texas. Our main instructor is Dana Brown, an expert when it several building sciences including Mold.

Calvin Ladlie (a pupil of Dana’s) is happy to demonstrate throughout the DFW metroplex the mold inspection techniques that help Dog Gone Mold identify whether those black or white spots you see in the corners, or that weird smell you have in a room is a result of mold.

Get two inspections for the price of 1. Contact us to set your inspection appointment sooner rather than later. Don’t let the mold get expensive to clean up.