Dog Gone Mold Dallas wants to help support all those health care workers, hospital employees and first responders working on the front line of this pandemic. In the DFW area we are offering these heroes FREE residential mold inspections and “at cost” air quality and surface sample tests from a Texas certified lab. We can perform the inspection while you are at work as long as a family member has proof of your employment. (copy of your hospital ID, medical employee registration, pharmacists license, police badge, etc.). This is a limited time offer.

A mold assessment technician will come to your home accompanied by Mason, our professionally trained mold sniffing dog.  Together they will check your home from top to bottom and if you desire an air quality test, they will get it done.   If you choose to have the basic inspection with no sampling, you will NOT be charged anything. We want you to help assure you that your inside space is mold free and somehow pay you back for your service.

We utilize Texas certified  MoldLab Ltd and have two different air quality tests available.  Mold spores only, the cost is $40.  Mold spores, skin cells, fibers, pollen and bug parts $50.  We have surface samples that can measure mold for $40 and a Coliform and Ecoli test for $50. 

 This offer is good until May 31, 2020, and dependent upon scheduling availability.  All air and other samples taken are sent to a certified lab and you will be provided the report, but no interpretation of that report by us.  The cost of the analysis by the lab will be directly billed to you.  This offer is only good in the DFW service areas; we currently serve only the Dallas/Forth Worth metro area. Residence only, does not apply to commercial facilities.

To book an inspection, click here and contact us.  Or call or text us at 469-506-1818.