We never want it to happen. Detecting black mold.  We don’t enjoy finding any kind of mold.  In fact, it’s better for all concerned when a mold inspection does not turn up any evidence of mold.  But if you are going to find mold, it’s a lot better to find it when it is just beginning to grow, rather than when it has taken over your whole kitchen wall, bathroom ceiling or floor and done major property or worse yet, damage to your health.  And if you have waited and avoided the inspection and it eventually has to happen… don’t shoot if you get bad news.

Finding mold early can result in a quick cleanup.  Delaying the bad news and avoiding the inspection can end up costing you thousands if not tens thousands of dollars in cleanup along with the reconstruction costs.

There can be some very simple, basic steps taken to clean up  beginning mold. Hitting it with bleach is like dropping a bowling ball on an egg in order to break it.  You accomplished opening the shell, but at what cost?  Bleach is corrosive and can lead to color changes and destruction of the very thing you are trying to protect.   Our Dog Gone Mold state licensed technicians can develop a management plan for cleaning small amounts without having to report to the State and without doing major damage to your property.  If the job is to big, we can recommend Professional remediation from one of our recommended vendors.

Most of the time, a mold inspection by a licensed technician and our mold finding dog is less than $500.  During the slow winter months, you might even talk us into half off.  A small price to pay for peace of mind.   Get a mold inspection on your property today and avoid major headaches in the future.

Contact Dog Gone Mold Dallas to get yours today.  We don’t want to be shot.  We want to be hugged.