Dog Gone Mold Dallas has an effective dog and handler detection team.  We use Mason, our working dog Beagle, for his innate sense of smell and his acceptance and comfort in a residential setting.  When Mason smells mold, he stops sniffing and signals.  We call it the “Hit and Sit”!

 Mason was rescued from a great owner who could no longer care for him. All our dogs are screened to identify the right personality for mold detection work in your home. 

Mason is healthy and energetic with a high play drive, capable of traveling and working in a variety of surroundings without being distracted.  He exhibits a balance of independence and work focus.  Mason was trained by the same trainer that teaches dogs how to detect bombs and find illegal drugs.

Our human handler and Texas licensed Mold Assessment Technician (MAT) received training as well to learn to read the dog, to perform a search, and to work effectively as a team member with Mason. Mason was trained for 16 weeks – full time. He receives training from Calvin, our handler, every day. (ok we let him have the weekends off!  We are not tyrants)

We maintain Mason and Calvin’s effectiveness as a dog and handler team by training every day. Dogs have long term memories for a scent, the working efficiency and overall accuracy of a team will deteriorate without regular training. In uncomplicated situations, such as post-remediation audits of houses in a neighborhood where travel time between houses is minimal, many sites can be screened by a team in a day.

Want Mason to inspect your home for mold?  Contact us to schedule your mold inspection and watch him work.