Checkout the picture of the black pile of gunk.  That’s particle board in a homeowner’s kitchen that has turned to mold dust.  Dog Gone Mold was called out to inspect a home someone had purchased a year earlier.  Mason, the mold detecting dog and our Texas certified Mold Technician found mold that the home inspector missed. The cleanup bill for this damaging mold is approximately $20,000.  Who pays?  The new homeowner.

At the time of purchase, no one thought to have a mold inspection performed.  There was no visual sign of any mold damage.  This damage occurred underneath the kitchen cabinet and floor.  A previous leak that had gone undetected and was not cleaned and dried soon enough started the hidden growth.  There was no smell at the time of purchase of the home.  The mold growth revealed itself only recently in a slight softness in the floor.

Most of the time, a mold inspection by a licensed technician and our mold finding dog is less than $500.  During the slow winter months, you might even talk us into half off.  A small price to pay for peace of mind.   If this home would have had a mold inspection at the time of the sale, the damage and cleanup would have been considerably cheaper.

Time and moisture are the friend of mold.  You can’t always see or smell mold when it begins to grow and most home inspectors DO NOT have a license to detect mold.  You get a plumbing inspection, a termite inspection and a home inspection when you buy a home, why not add on a MOLD INSPECTION?

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