Mold spores, skin cells, fibers, pollen, bug parts and sometimes even bacteria and viruses.  That’s what hangs out in the air in our homes.  Dog Gone Mold DFW can test your air for mold.  We even have an advanced test for the skin cells, bug parts, pollen and fibers.  At this time we DO NOT have a test for Covid19 or other viruses that may be present, however, that doesn’t mean they are not there.  Most of us are aware that just because you can’t see it or test it doesn’t mean the virus or bacteria aren’t there.

What good does an air test do?  To be effective, the tester should do a test of the outside air surrounding the property and compare it to the inside results. Mold and pollen are common to the outside air, so the question you want answered is whether the growth inside is significantly higher than the outside. 

The outdoor sample improves the accuracy of your results. Taking an outside sample helps identify which mold spores occur naturally. If naturally occurring mold spores show up in your indoor results, you don’t need to worry about THOSE TYPES. Typically, your indoor spore counts should be 75% of the outdoor counts.

When the numbers are higher or you have different types of mold, you could have a mold problem.  Dog Gone Mold uses a Texas certified lab service that quickly determines the types of mold and the intensity.   We have the ability to take do a basic mold test as well as an advanced test that includes not only the mold, but the skin cell count, bug parts count, indoor pollen count as well as fibers.

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