Mason, the mold sniffing dog, doesn’t know who ordered the mold inspection or why.  He simply knows he gets rewarded for correctly finding (or not finding) mold.  He is part of a team.  A human, certified mold inspector is his handler.  The inspector checks out the premises first, then brings in Mason as a backup, so you end up with two inspections for the price of one with Dog Gone Mold.

How good is he?  Last year, Mason was inspecting a home and he kept “hitting” (sitting and pawing, indicating mold like substance) in the front hallway of a home.  There was no visible mold like substance.  There was no physical explanation of why he might be hitting in that particular spot.  No broken pipes, no water dripping from a window sill, no air vent.  Just the spot. 

When the homeowner was told about the hit, she explained that the spot is where her son deposits his gym bag every day when he comes home from school!  Waalah!  Mason was verified and received his treat.

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