Your office in which your treadmill resides, the closet in the hallway that you stuff backpacks and gym bags in, the laundry room cabinet you threw those wet rags into.  What do these have in common?  They are all mold candy! Prime targets for mold to begin growing.

Mold needs moisture to begin growing.  The more “air tight” we make our homes, the harder it is for the moisture to get out and dry and the more likely there are to be mold sources inside our homes.  Recently, Mason was inspecting a very nice, relatively clean looking home.  He kept hitting on the same place in the hallway.  There were no visible signs of water damage, leakage or indicators of typical mold.  When the home owner was asked what she thought might be the cause she replied, “Easy! That’s where my son drops his gym bag every night when he gets home from school!” 

Cleaning and drying these spaces properly is the first line of defense.  However, sometimes you can’t reach where the mold is growing to clean and dry it.  That’s where Dog Gone Mold’s canine detective, Mason, can help.  Mason’s nose is typically 90 % effective in smelling mold. (the average human’s is approximately 30%)   If Mason detects mold and further lab testing reveals its presence behind walls or under carpet or tile, Dog Gone Mold DFW can write a cleanup plan, a protocol and either you can clean it (if its manageable) or you can have a professional mold remediator get the job done. 

Dog Gone Mold has a list of trusted Mold Remediation vendors in the Dallas, Fort Worth, DFW metroplex.  The sooner mold growth is identified and clean up the cheaper.  Our Mold Assessment Technicians are quick to identify and recommend the fixes.  Contact us for your mold inspection appointment.