Dogs have been used extensively in law enforcement, military, arson accelerants, narcotics and explosives detection for decades.  They are much more accurate at discriminating between odors than even sophisticated mechanical methods. 

According to Sandra L. Bird of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Ecological Research Division, controlled laboratory studies have documented accurate detection by dogs in many applications.  Detection dogs can rapidly screen houses and commercial facilities for many different substances, including mold.

Mason, Dog Gone Mold’s champion mold detective is on average 90% effective at detecting mold in a room.  Much better than air sampling, which the EPA does not recommend for finding mold.

Air sampling for mold has significant down sides. Even slight differences in the air flow in the home can significantly impact spore concentration levels. Furniture, cabinetry, and other obstructions can also radically alter the accuracy of the air sample from one area of the room to another.

Although they do offer quantitative data, the reliability of what that data means is a matter of some degree of interpretation, even when tests are meticulously conducted. In addition, although air sampling can identify the presence of mold in a room, it is not as good at identifying the source, a job left to an experienced mold inspector and the wonder mold detecting dog Mason to locate using additional technology, an experienced eye, a well-trained nose and in many cases, some educated guesswork.

Dog Gone Mold offers you two inspections for one.  And no home inspection is complete without a professional mold detection licensed inspection.  Mason, our trained beagle will come to your home and take a sniff.  We do not automatically start taking air samples.  There is no need if Mason does not signal.  Contact us to set up your inspection and find out if you need to worry about black mold.