Mason, the mold sniffing dog, doesn’t know who is paying the bill.  Mason doesn’t know what the insurance agreement is.   Mason doesn’t know who did the remediation or whether there is a plumbing issue.  He doesn’t know if a home inspector ordered his services or a concerned home buyer, seller or owner called him in.

He knows the smell of mold.  He knows if he finds it, he gets a reward.    He has been trained if he shows a “fake hit” he does not get a thing except a stern look from his beloved trainer.   He also knows that if there is no mold and he doesn’t signal he gets rewarded.

His reward is a biscuit.  Good job, biscuit.  Fail, no biscuit.  His only interest is in getting it right.  When Dog Gone Mold comes to inspect your home, you not only get a state certified mold inspector you get the extra layer of inspection that is truly impartial, Mason the wonder dog.

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Mason's reward
Mason doesn’t care who is paying for his services.