Most insurance companies DO NOT offer homeowners coverage for mold.  If you buy a house, and mold is found, you will be responsible for the full price of cleanup.  You might be thinking its not necessary if the house you are buying is new, which isn’t necessarily the case.  If the new home is constructed with materials that have been exposed to the elements there is a good chance mold growth will happen.  (See Unseen Mold Danger blog on this topic )  A new home may be built to be energy efficient, but this energy efficiency may not allow the home to breathe and can create a fertile “mold candy” condition for the mold to grow.

If you are buying an existing home, the previous owner may not be aware of any mold problem, and yet, if you move in and mold is discovered, guess who pays?

Recently, the Dallas area had homes damaged and exposed to the elements due to a tornado.  Those homes have all been exposed to moisture and many of the repairs are happening after the insides have had prolonged exposure.  Unsuspecting homeowners will be moving back in and heating their homes through the winter months.  This change in temperature coupled with the moisture can lead to increases in mold growth.

How can you make sure your home is within acceptable mold levels?  A simple mold inspection by a Texas certified technician.  Dog Gone Mold adds an additional tool, Mason, the mold sniffing wonder dog.  He can smell what human eyes don’t see.  Spending on a mold assessment now can save you money and headaches in the future.  Contact us today to schedule an inspection.