Can a roof leak cause mold? Yes.  Mold needs moisture to grow.  Moisture is like sticky “mold candy”.   If it is not cleaned up and dried quickly,  mold will most likely formulate.  The longer the leak is allowed or goes undetected, the more likely the formation of mold will occur.  If the roof isn’t fixed, your chances of mold recurring after you cleaned up the initial bout are extremely high.

What kind of mold?  It could be harmless, or it could be Black mold.  What is harmless to one person may make another person sick.  It depends upon each individual’s tolerance and response.

If you find a leak in your roof, get it fixed and call Dog Gone Mold Dallas to investigate your home.  Our Mold Assessment Technician has moisture and heat sensors and is trained to find sources of mold.  We also have the expert opinion of Mason, our mold detecting dog.   NO! we don’t let him go on your roof.   But he can sniff the air and the walls and let us know if he smells mold in the home. Contact us today to set up your inspection.  Catch the leak now and fix before it becomes a major problem