The lawyer told them he would not take their mold case.  Even though their contractor found the mold during renovation and broke the Texas Mold laws and didn’t clean it up.  Guess the contractor didn’t know you can’t paint over mold and think it will go away. Now the contractor is nowhere to be found and the house is most likely “sick”.

 If the contractor would have been a licensed mold re mediator perhaps he would have treated it with the caution and care it deserved.   Instead, they are faced with a home that most likely contains mold and needs thousands of dollars to remediate and then repair the damages. And they are newly prone to migraine headaches. The lawyer said it would be to hard to prove knowledge and deliberate negligence and that the reason they are now sick was due to the mold.  Plus, mold cases are expensive to take to court. 

It a conundrum.  Insurance companies are very aware of the damage that mold can cause and the expense of litigation, so most homeowners policies no longer cover mold damage.  The Texas mold laws exist and a strict regarding who can inspect for and assess and test for mold.  They are also strict on who can clean them up and what the final clearance process is.  However, it takes a lot of money and manpower to enforce.   Although the laws are there, the lack of attention to them is causing expensive problems for homeowners.  It’s a buyer beware thing now.

What’s the moral?  Don’t buy or sell a property without a Texas licensed Mold Inspection.  Just as getting a physical can catch a medical problem before it becomes major, an expenditure of less than $500 can save thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars in cleanup costs.  And who can put a price tag on what the value of good health is?

Mold doesn’t go away just by ignoring or wishing.  There is a specific clean up process that needs to occur to ensure it will not continue growing.

Contact Dog Gone Mold Dallas and have Mason, the mold sniffing dog check your home for mold.  Better safe than sorry.  And if you are buying another home, don’t close on it unless the licensed Dog Gone Mold Inspector has done a thorough mold inspection.  Pay now so you don’t have to pay later.