The tornado blows in and rips up roofs, tears off gutters and interrupts power.  Water heaters burst and leak. Homes get exposed to the elements.  This creates moisture accumulation inside dwellings.  Mold needs moisture to grow and the tornado and the storms to follow provide that moisture!

If your home is not covered and protected from the rain, even if its just a small portion, mold can grow and spread throughout.  Mold like HVAC systems.  Air ducts.  Mold likes plumbing entries, gutters, any place that moisture can sit.  Most mold only needs about 24-48 hours to begin growing.

So all those blue tarps on the damaged homes signal to Dog Gone Mold that there are homes that could use mold inspection.  If we find it, we make recommendations on how to get rid of it, including writing protocols for Professionally Texas licensed Mold Remediation companies.

Want to check our home?  Dog Gone Mold Dallas is running a special 30% off for all you storm weary homeowners.  Simply contact us and mention STORM.  Mason and our certified Mold Assessment Technician will come check.  Don’t let black mold endanger your family.