The landlord blames the mold on the tenant, for not cleaning appropriately.  The tenant blames the landlord, for the moisture build up, leaks, or lack of a bathroom fan.  Maybe both are at fault. Bottom line, there is mold and it has the potential to be a very unhealthy situation for everyone living in the household. 

What can be done?  Get a professional, a Dog Gone Mold Dallas inspector, out to the property to inspect.  Our Texas licensed human Mold Assessment Technician brings Mason, our specially trained rescue beagle, to check the property and find potential hazard spots.  Mason is the second line of detection; we can also do air and surface samples.  (2 inspections for the price of 1)

If the mold is caught early enough and hasn’t spread, we can recommend “home” cleanup.  If it is on more than 10 continuous feet of surface, we write a Protocol.  A protocol is a plan to professionally clean the mold and is required for any Texas licensed remediation company before cleanup can begin.

We don’t like to be the bearer of bad news, but if we do, we will help find the solution to a cleaner property.  Contact us to get your inspection scheduled.