Did you know that your sweat can cause mold growth? Mold requires moisture to grow.  Since moisture can come from leaking pipes, household flood events or even extreme sweat and if not properly ventilated or cleaned up, mold can grow.    Because these tiny little black spots can multiply quickly, this is something you want to clean up and get rid of before it seriously destroys your home.

Is there a place in your house that your sweat accumulates?  Perhaps a personal work out room?  Ever leave a sweaty towel in a laundry bag or in a cabinet somewhere and come back a week later to see the little black spots on it or smell that musty odor?  Mold doesn’t need much to begin growing.  Just stagnant air and a bit of moisture.

Recently, Dog Gone Mold did an inspection in a big beautiful home that looked very clean.  The potential home buyers intelligently required a mold inspection, knowing that most homeowners’ policies do not cover mold.  They wanted to make sure that there wasn’t a very expensive problem they were buying into.  Mason, the mold sniffing wonder dog, kept hitting on a particular area in the front foyer hallway of the home.  Our Texas certified mold inspector could not find what the potential cause of the problem area was.  Mason surveyed the area three different times, and in all three instances he signaled MOLD.  Finally, we asked the current home seller what might be the cause?  The seller replied, “Oh, that’s where my son leaves his gym bag every night!”

Dog Gone Mold Dallas’ initial Mold Inspection report instructed the potential buyers to clean this area thoroughly.  We also whispered to the seller that they might consider washing their son’s gym bag and clothes inside immediately and wherever they were moving to make sure that the holding place for the bag was well ventilated.

Want to find out where your mold spots might be in your home?  Are you buying a home and want to avoid the possibility of a very expensive uninsured “clean up”?  Call or text 214-957-2378 to arrange for a visit from our Mold Sniffing dog Mason.