Do you see it? The mold is hiding in the carpet. We recently helped one of our Real Estate Loyalty members save her client a lot of headache and money.  Mason smelled mold in the carpet and signaled to his Texas certified Mold Assessment Technician that there was a problem.  Mason “hit and sat” and earned a treat.  The realtor’s “treat” was that she was able to include the cost of the cleanup, carpet removal and roof leak fix (the hidden leak was the reason the mold was growing) into a credit from the sellers at the closing and the buyer is now a believer in mold inspections and mold dogs!

A $250 inspection from Dog Gone Mold could save you many thousands of dollars.  Our mold detecting dog can signal if a mold problem exists BEFORE you buy a home so the cleanup can be mitigated before the sale and you don’t get stuck with a $20,000 renovation. 

Mason, DFW’s only official mold sniffing dog can help you save money. No home inspection is complete without a Mold inspection. If you are buying a home or are a Buyer’s real estate agent and you are skipping the mold inspection, you are taking a risk.  Most home insurance companies are no longer covering mold damages and cleanup as part of a regular home policy.  That means the homeowner pays out of pocket for mold clean up.

Maybe your mold inspection does not find a big problem.  Perhaps we find the beginnings of an issue.  Our reports give you recommendations on how you can clean up the mold and steps you may want to take to ensure it does not come back.

Contact us to set up your home mold inspection today.  You won’t be sorry.