Most home insurance policies DO NOT cover mold damage unless it was due to a catastrophic event. Who is responsible for the clean up if hidden mold is discovered?  The homeowner.  No one cares if you just bought the house or not.  If you own it when the problem is discovered, you own the uninsured mold problem.  And you can’t ignore it.  Typically, mold will continue to grow until you fix the problem that started the mold growth in the first place, of course,  you also need to  clean up the existing mold.

Mold doesn’t discriminate on what types of houses it hits.  The cleanest and newest of houses can have a hidden source of moisture that induces the mold to begin to grow.  But just like cancer, if we find and detect mold growth early,  we can most likely stop further growth and fix the problem.

Dog Gone Mold DFW recently had a problem in which the relatively new home owner smelled a mustiness in her kitchen.  She felt sick and dizzy.  When she bought the home, they had a regular home inspection completed but they did not have a mold inspection performed.  We inspected the home and found a mold source under the counter of the kitchen.  There is no telling how long this problem had existed.  The floor under the cabinets was infiltrated with black dusty dots that were tested to reveal several strains of mold. 

Long story short…. A $300 inspection would have avoided the home purchaser from having to pay for the $18,000 clean up.  That cost is the mold remediation and does NOT include rebuilding the kitchen.  Do not buy a house without a mold inspection.  In the DFW metroplex area, contact Dog Gone Mold Dallas and get two inspections for the price of one.  A State Licensed Mold Assessment Technician accompanied by Mason, the mold sniffing wonder dog.