Is the mark on your wall black mold? The spot under your windowsill mold? Or just a scuff? It’s a serious question.  Black mold is not something to trifle with.  We’ve all heard the stories of sickness and even death from mold.

A good friend of Dog Gone Mold is in the air duct cleaning business, Mr. Duct Cleaner.  He was exposed to mold.  Two sinus surgeries later and he still has not recovered his sense of smell.  Worrying about whether the spot on the wall or below your kitchen cabinet is a legitime concern.

What not to do?  DO NOT order an at home testing kit!  Most are useless and result is a lab report that is arbitrary and difficult to read so the company extracts more money from you for their “expert” analysis.  DO NOT paint over it and hope it goes away.  If it is mold, the paint is like candy for the mold and can actually promote growth!

The best thing to do is get a licensed Mold Assessment Technician and a professionally trained mold sniffing dog named Mason from Dog Gone Mold and have an inspection performed.  We DO NOT automatically swab and send to a lab.  We assess the situation and have Mason check it out.   If he signals there is mold, or if the technician determines using his equipment and expertise there is a likelihood of mold growth, we will perform a lab swab or surface test and send to a certified lab for further testing.  We document where the samples were taken and will recommend further action based upon the results.

We respect the possibility of mold.  But we also respect your budget.  Contact us to arrange your inspection today.  It is worth the price to have a professional check out your situation.