Mold doesn’t discriminate against Renters

Recently, Dog Gone Mold Dallas has had a lot of contact regarding apartment mold.  The calls are typically from the renters of the apartment who can see the evidence of mold like substance.  Just because you don’t own the property doesn’t mean you are immune to mold.

The landlord may not want the property tested and may not want to pay for the inspection.  However, if the sample sent to the lab comes back as mold, the renter can use the professional report from the expert Texas licensed Mold Assessment Technician and the Mold Assessment Consultant to prove there may be a problem. 

You can’t paint away the mold.  Certain strands of mold are resilient to basic household cleaners.  Mold can hide in the HVAC systems as well as beneath carpets.  Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean its not there.

In several cases, the renter has paid for the report and then used that report to either break their lease or get the property properly remediated.  The picture in this blog came from one such property.

Dog Gone Mold Dallas can get you the results typically in three days.  Do you think you have mold on your property?  Call us to arrange your inspection.