Just because you can’t see mold doesn’t mean you don’t have it in your home.  Just because your home is newly built doesn’t mean it is free of mold.  Mold can hide behind walls, in air ducts, underneath carpet, between the floorboards, in the closet corner or behind  wall paper or paint. 

Your gutters could be stopped up allowing mold to begin accumulating in your ceiling.  Building materials for your new home could have been left out unprotected from the dew and the rain and mold can begin to accumulate.  

On one of our inspections, Mason, the wonder dog, kept signaling on a spot in a hallway that there was mold.  Three times he signaled.  There was no visible sign of mold so our Mold Assessment Technician asked the homeowner and they said “Oh, that’s where my son leaves his gym bag every night!”  Needless to say, a protocol was not necessary for us to write up. We instructed the homeowner to clean the area with an environmentally friendly solution.

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