A home buyer will get a termite inspection, a home inspection and sometimes even an asbestos inspection, why not a mold inspection?  Did you know that most mold problems are NOT covered by homeowner’s insurance?  In most cases, if a home is sold and the seller was unaware of an existing mold issue, the buyer is responsible for cleanup.  However, if the seller of the property had some indication there might be a mold problem and they did not divulge this information to the buyer, they can be held responsible for the cleanup.

Don’t assume since the house is “new” there isn’t mold. Plenty of new homes have hidden mold. Just because you can’t see mold doesn’t mean it’s not there. Why not offer your clients peace of mind when it comes to the danger of hidden mold?  A mold inspection adds an extra layer of protection for both the buyer and the seller of a home. 

Dog Gone Mold Dallas offers a special discounted inspection for as little as $250!  A state certified Mold Technician will review your properties and will bring Mason, the mold sniffing dog.  Mason is professionally trained and able to detect most mold types and offers a unique, inexpensive method for checking for mold. 

Contact Dog Gone Mold Dallas to schedule your inspection and make sure you are protected.