Mason is the only official mold inspection dog in the DFW metroplex.  He is a rescued beagle dog, trained at the same place the FBI gets trains their drug and bomb sniffing dogs.  He doesn’t know why or who is paying for the mold inspection, he just knows he gets a treat if he is truthful. 

Mason lives with his Texas certified, Mold Assessment Technician and dog handler, Calvin in Grand Prairie, Texas. His nose has an average accuracy of 90%. Most human’s have a less than 30% accuracy in smelling mold. 

He is not endangered at work.  Just as a human can smell a septic tank and not get sick from the “septic”, Mason can smell to mold and not get sick from the mold.

Could we find the mold without Mason?  Most likely.  Dog Gone Mold can use the specialized equipment to find the mold.  But we usually have to bore a hole into a wall to take an air sample from behind it. Or send the results of a swab or air test off to a lab, incurring more time and expense.  Mason can usually quickly let us know if he smells the mold before we do the drilling.  He is a great effective addition to our other tools for mold detection. He hits and sits to let us know there is a problem!

Effectively, when Mason gives you a second professional inspection quickly and for free!  

Contact us to make your appointment to meet Mason, and get your home inspected.  Stay safe DFW!